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In May 2011, we lost our wonderful pet "Tyler" due to a kidney disease.  So, for you pet lovers looking for a unique gift for other pet lovers, or if you just like what you see and want to buy something for your pet, enjoy browsing our Tyler Pet Products from the Home Page.

When dog groomers wash dogs they have them up high to avoid back strain and hurt knees.  Booster Bath allows you to do the same thing and avoid the pain when using the bath tub.  It is makes it easier to wash small or large breeds indoors or outdoors.  One end is open to allow your pet to get in and out.  An adjustable leash and collar is connected to keep the dog in position.  A rubber mat on the bottom of tub keeps your dog from slipping.  The legs have a rubber bottom to keep the tub in place.  Tub can be taken apart for easy storage or travel.

There are a number of HEPA filters on the market and they aren't all the same. The Blueair air filter is super quiet so you won't even hear that it is running. It also has an intuitive sensor system that turns on only when it's needed. Air filtration is a must for pet owners and households in general. Even if you don't have allergies, clean air is highly beneficial to our well-being. This particular model is capable of keeping a 17'x10' room smelling fresh

This is a GPS pet locator system that is made to be simple to use and easy to apply. All you have to do is pop on the small, comfortable GPS locator hardware onto the dog’s harness, collar or similar dog apparel and ensure the locator is on. From there, all the owner has to do is access software from their computer or use ultra handy apps from Smartphones such as Androids and iPhones in order to track your dog’s whereabouts. There are hardly any limitations to this system and it is quite necessary for those taking pets on trips, when they are allowed to run free or just to track your pet’s day-to-day movement in order to monitor activity level.

Orapup has made it possible for you to nuzzle your dog without worrying about holding your breath. These unique and flavorful products are designed to remove the foul-smelling bacteria on your dog’s tongue, and you won’t need to wrestle him in order to use it. The cleaning solution is made of natural enzymes so that they are safe for your pup, and they come in flavors that he will love, including beef and bacon. When he licks the brush in order to get to the delicious cleaner, the bristles will gently yet thoroughly remove the bacteria from his tongue and kill the plaque around his mouth. The result is fresh doggy breath that will allow you to snuggle as much as you need!

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