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Let your pet be stylish with the new Urban Denim Pet Bed.  The durable material and hand sewn stitching will be able to withstand years of use.  The high-loft fill is made from eco-friendly material making it a great option for your pet.  The easy zip off bed cover is machine washable so your pet can always have a fresh, clean place to sleep. Feel safe about the quality of the bed knowing that it was made to meet the quality standard for children and infants.

Because cats love to be as high up as possible, wall perches have become both a trendy and practical home decor. The Buddha cat shelf by Square Cat Habitat is well-designed to cater to the cat and cat owner as well. The inserts are attached by velcro and can be removed allowing you to vacuum, clean or replace them. We would recommend opting for the higher quality bamboo plywood which is a renewable resource and would be last longer than the laminate material. And of course, our favorite feature is the multiple color combinations available so you can match your cat furniture with your style perfectly

It's important to provide lots of exercise and time in the fresh outdoors to your dog. And for yourself as well. That's why we particularly appreciates interactive pet toys such as The Jute Ball by The Gripper company. It's made of high quality natural jute (link for all you curious minds) and allows for you to engage in a tug-o-war or for you to lead your dog - Especially in the water cuz this product floats as well. And it's affordable! Pick up a flipper while your at it

Orapup has made it possible for you to nuzzle your dog without worrying about holding your breath. These unique and flavorful products are designed to remove the foul-smelling bacteria on your dog’s tongue, and you won’t need to wrestle him in order to use it. The cleaning solution is made of natural enzymes so that they are safe for your pup, and they come in flavors that he will love, including beef and bacon. When he licks the brush in order to get to the delicious cleaner, the bristles will gently yet thoroughly remove the bacteria from his tongue and kill the plaque around his mouth. The result is fresh doggy breath that will allow you to snuggle as much as you need!

How many times have you had to rescue your kitty from the highest branches of the tree in your yard? If your cat has a penchant for climbing, then you need to find a way to satisfy that need while also keeping him safe, and the Tabby Tree can help you do that. This unique tree has five levels that are coated in loop pile carpet, which will let your feline climb to his heart’s content while also giving him a great place to sharpen his claws. It is made out of sturdy fiberboard so that it won’t tip over or fall apart as your cat gets the exercise he needs to stay healthy and safe.

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